Hi! I’m Caitlin.

Caitlin Sammons Writer, travel fan + book lover who creates intentional creative content for conscious people and brands.

Caitlin Sammons

Writer, travel fan + book lover who creates intentional creative content for conscious people and brands.

What I Do + Who I Am

By day, I run my own digital marketing + copywriting business, also known as “creative consulting.” Here’s all the info on how to work with me.

By night, I still love to write. Check out my blog here. And a few articles I’ve written here. And I’m currently (like for the past 7 years) working on my first manuscript—really excited about that!

I’ve been all over the world, sometimes with my overly friendly pup Tula.

Why I Do What I Do

I’m multi-passionate and I’ve followed my own path, all with one ultimate goal in mind: to use my talents + creativity to help others.

With lots of dedication, I basically created my own business by accident. More on that here. But I realized that by working with all different types of people from around the world, I have a bigger impact and more freedom—and that’s really important to me. I can use my resources to give to the causes and people I care about and live a balanced life. Also, I can work from anywhere, which is a big perk.

What I’ve Done [My Experience]

I currently do creative consulting work with a lot of mostly female entrepreneurs + wellness brands. I’ve spent a few months in Peru, a month in Bali, and have traveled all over Europe, SE Asia, and the U.S.

Some other fun facts:

  • I volunteered at an orphanage in Peru, a home for teen moms in Cusco (also in Peru), and a community development program in a small village in Costa Rica
  • I ran a social services program at a food pantry on the north side of Chicago. I had zero boundaries and made many friends.
  • And I worked with moms on the south side of the city in Woodlawn and Englewood, two of Chicago’s most notoriously violent neighborhoods. Everyone was lovely to me, don’t believe anything you hear on the news, and we literally built a Peace Mural there—my name is on it.
  • I also worked at two ad agencies. I loved my co-workers but found my cubicle to be suffocating.
  • And I managed digital communications for two international hunger organizations, Food Tank and The Global Foodbanking Network.

Basically,  I like to do my own thing and follow what lights me up. And so far, it’s been an adventure! 😉 Learn more about my day job here.

What I Believe

I believe all people are equally deserving.

Equality is the guiding value in my life. I love to connect with people and learn about the positive things they are doing. It’s so important to focus on the good stuff! And it’s also important to acknowledge and do something about the not-so-good stuff. You know, so all people can be treated equally.

I believe there is enough for everyone.

There’s enough to go around, we just need to reallocate our resources. Everyone deserves to have all their needs met. And there are so many kind and generous people making that happen.

I believe change comes from within.

True, lasting change happens within each person and has a ripple effect on the world around us. By doing whatever we’re truly good at, we’re sparking change within the people we reach. That’s exciting and it’s how the world around us improves – person by person.

Want to connect?


If you’re looking for support, see how we can work together.  Sign up for my emails here. I love connecting with new people too! Get in touch with me here. I also spend (probably too much) time on Instagram, even with the new timer feature—so let’s be friends!

Wishing you all the best,

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