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Caitlin Sammons

Caitlin Sammons

Caitlin Sammons is a writer, mindful marketing consultant, entrepreneur, and dreamer.

Her understanding of mindful marketing comes from working with hundreds of  entrepreneurs + conscious brands including New York Times bestselling authors (Claire Bidwell Smith and Kris Carr), international nonprofits (The Global FoodBanking Network and Food Tank) and eco-friendly luxury travel brands (EcoVentura and Ocean Soul Retreat), among many others.

Caitlin has spent time in over 13 countries around the world, sometimes with her overly friendly pup Tula. She quit her job in advertising almost a decade ago—and went to Peru, where she worked at an orphanage and home for teen moms. Upon her return to the States, she ran a social services program at a food pantry in Chicago, while also working with moms in Chicago’s notoriously underserved communities of Englewood and Woodlawn.

In 2013, she began doing creative work and supporting others through her talent of writing, while also learning the ropes of digital marketing.

By day, she runs her own creative business, where she offers support with communications strategy, copywriting + content, and 1:1 coaching sessions.

By night, she loves to write. She’s currently working on her first book manuscript and lives in Carlsbad, California.


  • Started career working at two big ad agencies (mcgarrybowen + FCB). Loved her co-workers but found cubicle life to be suffocating.
  • Spent a few months in Peru, a month in Bali, and drove across the U.S., all on her own.
  • Worked (for free) at an orphanage in Peru, a home for teen moms in Cusco (also in Peru), and a community development program in a small village in Costa Rica.
  • Ran a social services program at a food pantry on the north side of Chicago, helping people find housing, jobs and support.
  • Worked with moms on the south side of Chicago in Woodlawn and Englewood, two of Chicago’s most underserved neighborhoods and helped to build a Peace Mural between the two neighborhoods.
  • Managed digital communications for two international hunger organizations, Food Tank and The Global Foodbanking Network.
  • Created own business doing copywriting and content marketing, working with hundreds of authors, executive coaches, conscious brands and nonprofits.
  • Decided to move across the country and drove from Illinois to California, with only her dog, and landed in Laguna Beach.

Read my Manifesto here – what I believe and why I do what I do.

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