Hi! I’m Caitlin.

Caitlin Sammons Writer, content creator, book lover, dreamer + traveler who creates intentional creative content for heart-centered, globally conscious people and brands.

Caitlin Sammons

Writer, content creator, book lover, dreamer + traveler who creates intentional creative content for heart-centered, globally conscious people and brands.

What I Do + Who I Am

By day, I’m a writer, content creator + digital marketing consultant (here’s a little more about what I do).

By night, I still love to write. Check out my blog here. And I’m currently working on my first book—really excited about that!

Equality, travel and a good laugh are my three favorite things. I’m extremely passionate about social justice, wellness, and creative living (meaning doing your own thing, not just what society expects of you). I’ve spent time in 11 countries around the world and live in Evanston, IL (just north of Chicago) with my adorable and over-friendly pup Tula.

Why I Do What I Do

I’m a multi-passionate human who believes in heart-centered living and I’ve followed my own path, all with one ultimate goal in mind: to use my talents + creativity to help others. And I love sharing my writing + work to inspire others to do the same thing (because life is way too short to not do what you love!)

With lots of luck (and dedication), I turned my passion into my day job. I realized that by working with all different types of people from around the world, I have a bigger impact and more freedom—and that’s really important to me. I can use my resources to give to the causes and people I care about and live a balanced life I love.

What I’ve Done [My Experience]

I currently do marketing and creative consulting work with a lot of authors, coaches and wellness + spirituality brands. I’ve also spent a few months in Peru, a few weeks in Bali and India, and have traveled all over Europe.

Some other fun facts:

  • I’ve worked in an orphanage in Arequipa, a home for teen moms in Cusco, and a community development program in a small village in Costa Rica
  • I ran a social services program at a food pantry on the north side of Chicago
  • And worked with moms on the south side of the city.
  • I also worked at two ad agencies.
  • And managed digital communications for two international hunger organizations.

Basically, I let my heart lead the way in my life, I like to do my own thing and follow what lights me up. And so far, it’s been quite an adventure! 😉

Before this, when I was a team player working at an ad agency, I worked with awesome people—but felt like something was missing from my life. Like I felt my soul being sucked from my body in my cubicle. So, I decided to take a (ginormous) leap of faith.

I made a plan and saved my dinero, left my job, and got on a plane to Peru. Where I spent a few months at the orphanage and the home for teen moms, followed by a few weeks in Costa Rica at the youth development program. I planned the whole experience myself (calling it my “voluntourcation”)…and it was a game-changer.

When I came back to the U.S, I knew I had to make a change in my life. I started doing creative consulting work while also working at local nonprofits. That’s when I ran a social services program at a food pantry, managed digital communications for two international hunger organizations and worked with resilient and faith-filled moms on Chicago’s South Side.

Eventually, I decided to start consulting full-time (mainly because I just couldn’t keep up with doing everything.  Burnout is real and I had to slow down). My unique background has given me the experience and skill-set to work with all different types of people and groups from around the world.

Learn more about my day job

What I Believe

I believe all people are equally deserving.

Equality is the guiding value in my life. I love to connect with people and learn about the positive things they are doing. It’s so important to focus on the good stuff!

I believe there is enough for everyone.

There’s enough to go around, we just need to reallocate our resources. This world is abundant and everyone deserves to have all their needs met. And there are so many kind and generous people making that happen.

I believe change comes from within.

True, lasting change happens within each person and has a ripple effect on the world around us. By shining a light on and using creativity to help others, we’re sparking change within the people we reach. That’s exciting and it’s how the world around us improves – person by person.


Want to connect?


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Wishing you all the best,

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