It’s hard to believe it’s already been over a month since I left Chicago. I move on to Cusco tomorrow morning and after calling Arequipa home for the past 5 weeks, there are some things I will miss (and a few I won’t).

Things I Will Miss About Arequipa:

  1. BK’s Ice Cream Stand

 arequipa peru


For only 1.5 sol ($0.58), you can get an ice cream cono. You don’t even have to go inside. They set up this little stand right by the sidewalk. I’ve enjoyed the Twist cone every day since I’ve been here. Delicious.

  1. Plaza des Armas

 arequipa peru arequipa peru


Every Peruvian city has a Plaza des Armas which is basically a town square. Even the village I stayed in on an island in Lake Titicaca had one. But Arequipa’s is exceptionally beautiful. In 2000, it was named a UNESCO World Heritage Site in recognition of its architecture & historic integrity, according to Wikipedia. Not really sure what that means but it sounds like an official way of saying it’s really pretty.

  1. Crepismo

 arequipa peru

is a really cute French restaurant I found with this awesome patio. I will miss their chicken & avocado crepe very much as well as their free WiFi.

  1. Casa de Avila’s courtyard

arequipa peru 

In a congested South American city, there isn’t much grass or places to relax. The courtyard at Casa de Avila (where I’ve been staying) is like Heaven. There’s even a pet turtle here. I will miss those lounge chairs dearly.

  1. Pura Fruta Smoothies

arequipa peru 

Literally, pure fruit smoothies. I didn’t think I could love a smoothie place more than I do Jamba Juice until I found this place. Strawberry + Mango + Passion Fruit + Papaya = crazy delicious!

  1. View of El Misti

el misti arequipa 

No matter where you go in this town, you can always see the El Misti volcano poking out somewhere. It’s really pretty and always helped me know where I was.

Things I Will Miss Not So Much:

  1. Dogs On The Roof

 arequipa peru

Arequipians have “outside” dogs as we have “outside” cats in the States. They let their dogs roam the streets during the day. Most of the dogs you would assume were strays actually have homes which is the good news. The bad news is that come nighttime, the “outside” dogs return home and go to their room….on the roof. Where they bark at each other. All.night.long.

  1. Crazy Ass Cabs

 arequipa peru

There are cabs EVERYWHERE in Arequipa. I’ve never had a hard time finding one. However, pardon my French, but they’re all f’ing insane. When they see a pedestrian crossing the street, they will SPEED UP. It is common practice here to run across the street. They also honk at will. I will miss them not at all.

All in all, Arequipa is a beautiful place and has treated me quite well. I will miss all my favorite things as well as the kiddies I got to hang with for a month. But I am also very much looking forward to exploring Cusco, the capital of the Inca empire!