USA Road Trip: New Mexico

new mexico road trip

A few thoughts and pictures from my cross-country road trip, specifically in the state of New Mexico. This day of this leg was both the scariest and the best day. Scary because I woke up in a Sleep Inn in Oklahoma and had to drive through Texas. The best because I made it to New Mexico!

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USA Road Trip: Illinois to Oklahoma

midwest road trip

I drove across the country by myself in the Spring of 2019. I started in Illinois and drove to California. This is my thoughts and pictures from the first leg of the trip, from Illinois to Oklahoma.

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How (and Why) I Quit Smoking

Today marks my four year anniversary of being able to quit smoking. I’ve been hesitant to really talk about it for a few reasons. Mainly: I’ve cleaned up my act substantially, and I work with a lot of health and wellness brands. So, openly discussing my former smoking habit made me nervous about the judgment […]

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Writing a Book Part I: Rejection

rejection caitlin sammons

I’ve wanted to write a book since I was like 5. Weirdly enough, I actually did write a few books as a child. One was an encyclopedia of all the Babysitter’s Club characters (super original and not a parody).  And the other one I was very serious about getting published. So I typed it up, […]

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