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Writing a Book Part I: Rejection

rejection caitlin sammons

I’ve wanted to write a book since I was like 5. Weirdly enough, I actually did write a few books as a child. One was an encyclopedia of all the Babysitter’s Club characters (super original and not a parody).  And the other one I was very serious about getting published. So I typed it up, […]

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Why Saying No is the New Yes

power of no caitlin sammons

As a recovering people-pleaser, saying no was my worst nightmare for many (most) years of my life. I’d been conditioned to put others before myself, to give and sacrifice, and to keep the people around me happy. This was great for a long time because lots of people liked me! I was doing all I […]

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Summer Reading List

summer reading list caitlin sammons

I always get excited about the summer because: 1. the beach and 2. reading at the beach. This is my current summer reading list — with books I’ve read (and want to read again) and what I’m planning to read over the next few months. All of these books are not the same, meaning they’re […]

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3 Books to Shift the Way You Work

caitlin sammons

In the past 10 years, I’ve made two big career leaps. I started working in advertising, then the nonprofit world and finally, doing creative consulting and copywriting. I love to work and always pour myself into whatever I’m doing. My colorful and varied work life has given me experience that’s totally invaluable. And I’ve learned […]

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Instagram Accounts I Love

spirituality instagram

Here’s a list of 33 Instagram accounts I love to follow for inspiration, art, travel, wellness, social justice, spirituality and a laugh, plus a few cuties thrown in for fun 🙂 Inspiration Connie Chapman peopleiveloved belletrist Reese Witherspoon Social Justice Glennon Doyle female collective Emily’s list karam foundation Art + Lifestyle bymariandrew jooleeloren cleowade Spirituality […]

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