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I help women + conscious brands feel supported with sharing their message.

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As an entrepreneur, you’re probably feeling like:

🌟 You’re already too busy doing what you do

🌟 Maybe words are not your strong suit—you shine in other ways.

🌟 Or you love writing, but you need someone who can help write in your unique voice.

Think of working with me as going to your friend who happens to know all about copywriting + content marketing. 💻

I can show you how to write copy that connects, create lovely content, like websites and digital courses— and layout a plan for how to best share what you’re doing with the world while making some money too. 💰

I’m part of your work family—a reliable resource and trusted partner. 💕

I remember sitting in my cube, back when I worked at an ad agency, thinking: I wish I could do something creative with writing, and work directly with people and make my own schedule…there has to be a way…

Over the past ten years, I’ve built a blossoming creative business 🌸, supporting so many wonderful entrepreneurs and highly conscious brands.

I’ve worked with everyone from New York Times bestselling authors ✍️ to international hunger organizations 🌎 to executive life coaches 🤓 to high-end interior designers 🛋️ to accountants 🔢 to real estate agents 🏠—and the list goes on and on. Everyone I work with has one thing in common: They’re on their own path and they’re doing what they can to make this world a better place.

caitlin sammons

I absolutely LOVE supporting great people in doing their great work. Learn more about who I am here.

Secret: This might sound crazy, but I don’t work with a TON of clients. 🙊

I prefer to work with a few that I really connect with and believe in. 🙏 And who are digitally focused (or want to bring more of their work online)—this is important because (in case you didn’t notice) this is the way our world is going!

And I’m right there with you. ⭐ I’m an entrepreneur too—and I’ve worked on so many teams and with so many partners of all different levels, that I know exactly how to organize content, make a plan, and get it out there in the world!

I can help you share your work with hundreds, thousands, even millions of people.

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My favorite part of working with Caitlin is that she’s always very willing to do anything. She has a very positive attitude and a beautiful heart with so much to give.

Deirdre K. | EarthHeart Foundation


The best way to see how I can help you is through a (free) discovery call. Let’s connect!

In the meantime, here’s an overview of everything I can help you with:

Creative Strategy Session

Let’s meet over the phone (or on Zoom if you prefer face-to-face) and together, we’ll have a 1.5-hour session to help you figure out what your business needs when it comes to creative strategy. This is my 1:1 consulting service that can kickstart your content marketing. I give you targeted advice, based on your unique needs, and will send you a follow-up email with a recap + all the resources I share. You can book this once—or we can set up regular (monthly/quarterly) sessions to make sure you’re on track!

Investment: $330 for first session – includes prep time, session + follow-up

Content Strategy Plan

We’ll meet twice – once to see where you’re at now, and again to review the plan. I’ll give you a full, one-year content strategy plan that will help you get your content organized and be able to plan ahead for promotions, holidays, and more.

Investment: $1,100 | Includes: 2 1:1 meetings, plus a content plan for social, email marketing + your blog

Digital Product Planning

Are you ready to launch a course? Create your first digital product? I’ve worked on so many successful (and not-as-successful) launches over the past decade—and I can help you create a plan for a digital product your audience wants + needs, plus how to promote it and actually make sales.

Investment: $550 | Includes: a 1:1 meeting, plus next steps + a promotion plan for new digital product

Articles + Blogs

Content for your blog + any guest articles, all crafted in your unique voice. Blog posts are SEO-optimized too.

Investment: Starting at $330


Your people want to hear from you. Send them regular updates, straight to their inbox, whether it’s weekly or monthly.

Investment: Starting at $550 for set-up; $150 for ongoing

Blog Management

You have a blog—but you don’t have the time to manage it. Post regularly and share your wisdom with your audience.

Investment: Starting at $550/month.

Ghostwriting Projects

Whether it’s an email series, a proposal, whatever project you just need some writing support on, get ahead and finish it up through ghostwriting support.

Investment: Starting at $330


Website Builds

Need a new + improved website? Something that’s a little fresher and more aligned with where your brand is now? Get a website makeover (with new copy too!)

Investment: Starting at $825

Website Copy

You love your site but it doesn’t say what you need it to say. Or you wrote the copy so long ago, it’s now boring to even you. Get some fresh new words on your website pages.

Investment: Starting at $330

Course Curriculum + Digital Product Creation

You’re ready to create a new course, workbook, downloadable PDF, what have you. And you want support in putting your ideas into action, words and graphics and all.

Investment: Starting at $550

Sales Pages + Landing Pages

You want to create a landing page that actually gets people to purchase what you’re selling and sign up for what you’re offering.

Investment: Starting at $550

Email Series + Promotion Emails

You want to welcome people to your online community. Or create a series of emails to promote your latest offering.

Investment: Starting at $550


You need something powerful and enticing to offer your audience—a piece of content they’ll be willing to give you their email address for.

Investment: Starting at $825


I’ve worked with people from all over the world—from New Zealand to Switzerland to Italy to Missouri. Through the magic of technology, we can connect from anywhere.

When we work together, I follow a very simple, straightforward process:

🌟 Discovery Call
🌟 Onboarding + Project Prep
🌟 Collaboration + Brainstorm
🌟 Creative Phase
🌟 Final Touches

Caitlin is very professional and conscientious, always realistic with deadlines and sticking to project budgets. She is reliable with her work and has a wonderful positive attitude. Caitlin is a delight to work with and very much in tune with helping to support each project and client’s strengths and weaknesses. Her no-drama, can-do style makes life easier.

Maya C. | mPath Creative

CS Creative Studio is a boutique creative studio based in Laguna Beach, California— and available worldwide.

Led by Caitlin Sammons, CS Creative Studio specializes in unique and memorable copy + content, refined and authentic creative strategy, as well as dynamic websites + products.

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Ready to Work Together?

I’m always up for a cup of hot chocolate.  Let’s schedule a time to get to know each other. You can reach me anytime at caitlin (at) caitlinsammons (dot com). I’ll reply to your inquiry within a day! Or hit the button below to schedule a discovery call now!