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Finding Stillness in a Busy World

Finding Stillness in a Busy World

I’m always looking for a sense of peace and calm in my life. With so much going on and a busy work and family schedule, it can be pretty challenging to find stillness in the everyday. Just the word stillness brings up feelings of serenity, peace, and relaxation—most of which I need a lot more of. With a daily practice, I’m trying to make stillness become a part of my busy life so I can feel the deep sense of calm I actually crave.

Here are some ways I try to find stillness in a busy world:

Through deep breathing. Doing some deep breathing and checking in with myself is the first step. I close my eyes, take some deep breaths, and scan through my body, looking for any areas that are holding tension or feel tight. I focus on these spots with the intention of relaxing the area with every breath. After even a few minutes of this practice, I feel much more relaxed. Just gotta remember to do it! 😉 

Monitoring what I consume. Everything we eat, read, listen to, and watch becomes a part of our existence. By eating a more balanced and clean diet, with lots of veggies and fruits, I’m helping to keep my body in balance and in a ready state for stillness. It’s also important to take stock of what other things I’m consuming. I try to find books, shows, movies, and podcasts that make me feel good inside. By filling my day with things that feel right and positive to me, I’m more likely to find stillness and peace when I need it.

Limit the noise in my life. Noise can be a stress factor. In our busy world, we’re bombarded by lots and lots of noises. Silence and stillness go hand-in-hand with each other. One interesting experience to try is to see if you can spend a day in silence. Notice how much noise you’re surrounded by, and try to spend a day in quiet, silent spaces. Limiting noise, turning down the volume, and spending time in silence all help to cultivate more stillness. But it feels super weird at first, especially when you’re used to constant sounds around you.

Practice meditation. A daily meditation practice has really helped me the most. By slowing down my mind and spending time connecting to my inner self, I’m giving my mind, body, and soul a chance to recharge (outside of just sleep!). Meditation is one of the best and most powerful tools for quieting the mind and finding the calm of deeper consciousness. I use YouTube for free, guided meditations to start. The app Headspace is great too! The more I practice, the more I’m able to meditate whenever I want. 

Be thankful. Finding stillness is directly related to feeling content. One of the fastest ways to contentment is focusing on what I’m grateful for. Every day I write a list of the top things I’m thankful for that day. By listing out the things I want to say thank you for, I’m putting myself in a positive mindset that helps me connect with stillness and find peace. Being grateful and practicing gratitude is about finding joy in life—and it’s actually fun to make a gratitude list. It’s hard to complain when you have lots of things to be thankful for (but sometimes that still doesn’t stop me because welcome to being human!)

Stillness is something I often crave and seldom really find—but when I do get a taste of it, I know I want more of THAT in my life. It’s something I’ll continue to keep practicing, probably for decades. Yoga also really helps, when I can get myself on the mat. Journaling is good too. Every person has different ways of finding what works for them. These are just a few of the things that have worked for me!

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