Conscious Promotion + Growth Support

There’s a new way of working—and it’s radically different than how things have been done…

The days of sleazy marketing tactics and forcing your way forward are over.

To be honest, I used to work in marketing—until I couldn’t stand the word “marketing” anymore.

Truth: Most marketing managers are BS’ing and have no idea what they are doing.

They’re promising to triple your revenue with minimal effort, if only you convert, convert, convert. It’s all so…phony. The clickbait, the trick emails, the inauthentic vibe. Yuck!

I believe in conscious promotion and a more intuitive way of connecting.

It’s time to start promoting your work for enjoyment, a purpose, a cause—instead of an obligation, trying to sell, or because some Internet guru told you that you have to. Your following may build a bit slower, you might not “conquer the algorithm,” but you’ll stay true and authentic to who you are – creating a genuine digital space without losing your sanity or integrity. That’s exactly what I can support you with.

As an entrepreneur, a conscious brand, a B corp—you’re probably way too busy doing what you do and might have the feeling you need to expand and share your message, but you’re not sure how. I can help you grow and share your unique message.

Over the past decade, I’ve built a blossoming creative business 🌸, supporting hundreds of wonderful entrepreneurs and highly conscious brands.

I’ve worked with everyone from New York Times bestselling authors ✍️ to international nonprofits 🌎 to executive life coaches 🤓 to high-end interior designers 🛋️ to accountants 🔢 to real estate agents 🏠—and the list goes on and on. Everyone I work with has one thing in common:

They’re on their own path and they’re doing what they can to make this world a better place. ✨

Secret: This might sound crazy, but I don’t work with a TON of clients. 🙊

I prefer to work with a few that I really connect with and believe in. 🙏 And who want to grow a strong digital presence.

I can help you share your work and connect with your people.

Think of working with me as going to your trusted friend who happens to know all about communications strategy, how to grow a business, and copywriting + content. 💻✨

I developed this offering because I saw the same pattern repeat itself, over and over again, with entrepreneurs, conscious brands, and nonprofits:

  1. They start the work.
  2. They grow.
  3. They call in support.
  4. They reach a level where they need help with marketing.
  5. A “marketing firm/consultant” comes in with big promises, creates a flurry of busywork, tries every marketing tactic under the sun…but because it’s not even remotely aligned with the original mission, none of it works. This leads to…
  6. Thousands of dollars down the drain and back at square one, of feeling ready to expand but needing the support to do so.

I’ve seen what works and what absolutely does not. I’ll lay out, with crystal clear clarity, exactly what steps you should take next. Some you can do on your own, some you can have your current support help you with, and others, I can support you with too. It all depends on your specific needs and where you envision yourself next.

It’s not about selling to anyone, it’s about spreading your light to the people who need what you have to offer.

Here’s how I can help you:

Marketing Strategy Session

Let’s meet and together, we’ll have a 2-hour session to help you figure out how you’re ready to expand. I’ll give you targeted advice, based on your brand’s unique needs, and will send you a follow-up email with a recap + all the resources.

Plus, we’ll have a 1-hour follow-up session to review everything so you can move from guidance to action. You can book this once—or we can set up regular (monthly/quarterly) sessions to make sure you’re on track!

Investment: $550

Content Strategy Plan

Along with the Communications Strategy Session, I’ll create a one-year content strategy plan that will help you get your content organized and be able to plan ahead for promotions, holidays, and more.

Investment: $880| Includes: 2 1:1 meetings, plus a content plan for social, email + your site

Digital Product Planning

Are you ready to launch a course? Create your first digital product? I’ve worked on so many successful (and not-as-successful) products over the past decade—and I can help you create a plan for a digital product your audience wants + needs, plus how to promote it and actually make sales.

Investment: $550| Includes: a 1:1 meeting, plus next steps + a promotion plan for new digital product