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Interviews with Moms from Englewood and Woodlawn

south side moms

For three years, I worked with moms on Chicago’s South Side. One of the projects I was assigned was to interview these mothers, who’d become my friends, to find out more about their experience. This is a compilation of their answers. Sidenote: Together, we also worked on a Peace Mural project. It’s at 63rd and […]

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Las Vegas 2017: How to Prevent Mass Shootings

What happened in Vegas is devastating. There’s no way around it. We live in a world where anyone can go out to have fun or just to school—and end up shot. It’s sad and pathetic and tragic and heartbreaking. In the face of this total insanity, there are so many heroes and first responders who […]

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Things I Learned about Syria from Chelsea Handler

Karam Foundation and Chelsea Handler

I went to a charity event for the Karam Foundation at the Langham Hotel in Chicago (which is very swanky – btw!) and Chelsea Handler, was the guest speaker. Tickets were not cheap, but the dollars went towards helping out Syrian refugees. Most of the other people there were very fancy Real Housewives ladies who […]

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Netflix + Learn: 6 Eye-Opening Movies to Stream


“There’s nothing like snuggling up on your couch for a well-deserved Netflix binge. With so many options for what to stream, the search for the perfect program to watch can seem endless. At the same time, binge-watching an entire season of “The Office” in one sitting can leave me feeling guilty for not being more […]

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Why We Should Disconnect on a Regular Basis


Now, more than ever before, I feel like it’s really quite easy to get into a state of overwhelm. Our world is filled with a never-ending barrage of notifications, updates, ads, and pulls for our attention. One great quote that helps put our relationship with technology in check, is ironically from Steve Jobs: “We’re born, […]

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