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8 Books that Transformed My Life


I devour books. Reading is basically like my best friend. These 8 books have been game changers for me, and they’ve offered me nuggets of wisdom that made me more aware of myself, my relationships, and my purpose. I could read them over and over and over again. “The Time Traveler’s Wife,” Audrey Niffenegger This […]

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What I Learned from Working at a Food Pantry

food pantry

The honest truth is I did not even know what a food pantry was before I worked at one. I knew people collected and donated food, but I never thought about the logistics of how the food is distributed to the people that need it (which is embarrassing to admit). I started working at the […]

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Volunteering in Costa Rica

Volunteering (Shadowing) in Brasilito, Costa Rica The program I’m a volunteer with in Costa Rica is based in Playa Potrero where I currently am living. The primary goal is to provide English lessons to the town’s residents. It is important for them to learn so they can eventually be bilingual and therefore, more marketable. Currently, […]

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The Pura Vida in Costa Rica

pura vida costa rica

I arrived in Costa Rica last week and it was love at first sight. Hands down, Costa Rica is one of the most beautiful, scenic places I’ve ever been to. I have to pinch myself whenever I realize that I’ll be living here for 7 weeks. The town I am living in is called […]

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Ciao Peru!

It’s hard to believe I’ve already been in Peru for over two months. I head to Costa Rica tomorrow and will be saying “hasta luego” to South America. I’ve had some highs and lows in this country. My time here has certainly been unforgettable. I’ve hiked through a canyon and mountains and seen an Ancient […]

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