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Why I’m No Longer Posting About Politics on Social Media

Why I’m No Longer Posting About Politics on Social Media

The past two years have been an emotional rollercoaster (to say the LEAST) as a U.S. citizen. I no longer want to talk about politics, specifically on social media.

Happy New Year!

I hope your 2019 is off to an amazing start ✨

I feel really good about the year ahead. Usually at the end of the year, I have a long list of things I want to change about myself. Maybe I’m getting older, but I no longer really feel the need to do a complete “New Year, New Me” refresh.

When I want to change something, I just do it now, no matter what time of year it is. Of course, I need to improve in pretty much all areas of my life still, because I am a human, but I did think of ONE thing I definitely want to change in 2019:

I no longer want to post about politics, specifically on social media.

The past two years have been an emotional rollercoaster (to say the LEAST) as a U.S. citizen. When I think back to everything that’s happened since Inauguration Day in 2016, I want to both vomit and smile—because it’s been horrific and also, amazing to see all the people taking action.

But I realized I’ve used social media as a vehicle for my rage and anger when the horrific things happen. It feels good at the moment for me to write an angry paragraph, but I started to think: What is that actually doing?

There’s enough people posting about what’s going on—and I don’t think my Instagram post is going to change someone’s mind who might have opposing views. If anything, it just adds to the divisiveness and the us vs. them mentality in our country right now.

So, my resolution is to do something different this year. When I get mad, when I feel that fire burning inside (which happens approximately 11 times per day, depending on the week and the number of tweets from POTUS), instead of posting about it on the Internet and feeling like: Ah, okay I did something—I’m going to take action. And I’m only allowed to post about what I’m doing to be a part of the solution, not what I think.

So, I know I’m going to have to get creative with this but it feels better to challenge myself and not just be trigger happy with my keyboard. I might donate a dollar every time I want to throw a brick at the news. We’ll see if that fits into my budget.

There’s nothing wrong with raising awareness on social media, especially when advocating for HUMAN RIGHTS. I just realized that personally, from 2016 to 2018, I’ve been using it as a way for me to relieve my anger and feel like I was doing something. Hitting “post” was making me feel empowered, like I was really contributing, when really I’m not sure I was?

In reality, I was sitting in the comfort of my home while probably eating GrubHub and watching Netflix, while also passionately typing about how I don’t believe in a border wall or how I definitely don’t think anyone should put a child in a cage ever or how a woman should be believed—because DUH!!!

Yet, here we are at the start of 2019—and things haven’t gotten any better with any of those situations. They’re actually kinda worse. And I really know, in my heart, that the majority of humans do not want to hurt other people. I also know that we are now halfway through this nightmare of a presidential term and redemption will inevitably come.

But I also firmly believe that the reason all of this stuff is still happening is that many of us have the privilege of being able to do exactly what I’ve been doing. Getting outraged under the safety of my down comforter and sharing it with the world from my phone while then, pressing Next Episode.

I’m still comfortable even when things are brutally uncomfortable for so many other people in this country. So, my resolution is to get uncomfortable in 2019.

I’m ready to put down my phone and really, truly get out into the world and do something. I’ve already been researching if and how one might be allowed access to the children in the detention centers (and the answer so far is um, no) but I will keep putting my energy towards action—and then post about whatever it is I actually do.

And if all you can do is post something, then please do. I’m not trying to shame anyone. I just know myself and I see that all my rage about the injustices could be put to better use than just an Instagram rant.

What really prompted this for me, personally, is the deaths of the two children in the detention centers. Seeing the images of those kids was just like a dagger through the heart. I spent months of my life working with kids, just like them, in South America. So I can’t even begin with that situation—but it’s definitely lit a bonfire inside me. And I realized that posting just wasn’t cutting it.

I know I can do more and that’s my challenge to myself for 2019!

I hope you have an amazing, wonderful start to the year. And if you have any ideas/resources for how I can get involved, please send them my way! I’m ready 🙂

xx Caitlin

P.S. When I mean “politics,” I mean the ridiculous division in our country between Republican and Democrat. I’m not going to be choosing which gang affiliate with anymore and feeding into all that BS. I will continue to advocate for ALL the social justice issues I’m super passionate about 🙂