Lessons I Learned from the Orphanage


Week Six Arequipa, Peru For the past few weeks, I’ve been trying really hard to look at the bright side of things down here in Arequipa. It’s not hard to do that considering it is sunny and clear skies every single day here. I knew working in an orphanage in South America would be a […]

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Volunteering in Peru: Week Four


Week Four Arequipa, Peru The orphanage is looking (and smelling) so much better. I’m so extremely happy! Over the past two weeks, I’ve spent about 4 hours a day on each room in the house – scrubbing down every wall, crib, floor and surface I can get my hands on. It has been a humbling, […]

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Volunteering in Peru: Week Two

cleaning supplies

Week Two Arequipa, Peru Two muy bueno things happened: Supplies: Some other volunteers & I were able to load up on cleaning supplies and other necessary items for the orphanage. In Arequipa, it is quite pricey to buy this stuff at the grocery store. You have to go to the market and barter. The market […]

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Volunteering in Peru: Week One

arequipa peru

Week One Arequipa, Peru There has been a slight change of plans. Although I thought my itinerary was rock solid, I did not account for a disease infestation. Whoops! I arrived in Arequipa on Saturday night.  It is absolutely gorgeous here!! It is the second largest city in Peru and is at a pretty high […]

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