So, like, what exactly do you do? 😉

That’s the #1 thing people ask me. The fancy answer is: I run a creative consulting business where I create intentional creative content for heart-centered, globally conscious people and brands.

But I also understand that “creative consulting” sounds like a made-up laptop lifestyle job, so I get it. My career has been unconventional (in a good way) and I ended up starting my own business. Here’s how:

How I started my own creative consulting business:

  • Introduced to the Internet when it was still in MS-DOS mode
  • Got my first laptop before I was 10 
  • Studied film + writing (as one does in Iowa)
  • Worked at two ad agencies out of college, FCB (formerly DraftFCB) and mcgarrybowen, working on discreet brands you probably haven’t heard of, like Kraft, Disney, and Bud Light
  • Left my cube job to go volunteer in South and Central America for a hot minute
  • Came home and started working at nonprofits, working directly with low-income communities AND working in communications and development—because most people working at nonprofits fill at least 1 to 7 roles
  • At the same time, I started a “side hustle” doing copywriting, website + blog management, and social media marketing where I:
    • Helped launch a start-up (Food Tank) from 200 to 200K followers
    • Worked part-time for another international hunger org in their Communications Department
    • Started working with more and more clients by word of mouth, and started working with more and more female entrepreneurs, from executive coaches to stylists to authors
    • Then, I started working with more high-profile clients, like a few New York Times bestselling authors, who I would ghostwrite for

Why I Started My Own Business

After all this, I officially started my own business because:

I saw a common theme when I was working with so many different types of people. I’d get hired on a project, sometimes through an agency or by a “marketing manager.”

That manager or agency would charge double to triple what I do, while I did the work and the client was paying WAY more than they needed to…

I decided to cut out the “middle man/woman” and offer fair and authentic content marketing services, which includes copywriting, email marketing, social media management, blog management, website copy, funnels, insert more marketing words here.

I have 10+ years of professional experience, working with all types of people and brands, and now, I support good-hearted people + organizations who need support with copywriting and digital marketing.

I’m totally transparent about what I can and cannot do—and that level of integrity has helped me build long-term connections and relationships, working with lovely and amazing people from around the world. Literally, I work with people from Bali to Australia to Switzerland to California.

Here are some of the amazing people I work with:

Tobi Fairley
United States
Interior designer + life coach

Kylie McBeath
United States
Co-founder of Zura Health

Lessons for My Daughters
United States
Empowerment workshops for teens

Judy Wilkins-Smith
United States
Executive coach + workshop facilitator

Carollyne Corner
Intuitive business coach + spiritual advisor

Calm Classrooms
Yoga + meditation program for schools

Ocean Soul Retreat
Bali, Indonesia
Yoga + wellness retreat business

Suzannah Scully
Marin, CA, USA
TEDx speaker, podcast host, + coach

Brett Larkin Yoga
San Francisco, CA, USA
YouTube star + yoga + meditation teacher

Style School KC
Kansas City, MI, USA
Fashion + wellness business

I offer help with:

  • Marketing + content strategy
  • Creating an efficient comms plan
  • Blog + website management
  • Newsletters
  • Email Marketing (yes, that means funnels!)
  • Digital product creation (online courses, etc.)
  • Copywriting, copywriting, copywriting

Basically, I write websites, emails, blog posts, articles, any creative content (and I include an SEO service to improve a website’s Google ranking).

I know what you need to reach your people in a genuine way and boost your sales and outreach in the digital space because that’s where most business is done these days 😉

If you want to explore how we can work together, feel free to email me at caitlin (at) I’d love to connect!

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